LEDs ON/OFF Through IR Sensors Using PicDevUSB

Introduction: LEDs ON/OFF Through IR Sensors Using PicDevUSB

Now you can make your own system in which you will control your home appliances through IR remote.

In this tutorial, we are using IR remote to control AC home appliances. Here, home appliances are represented by LEDs. By pressing specific button from IR remote, corresponding LED will glow or will OFF. After that you can replace LEDs by relays and can control home appliances.

we will provide you each and every thing regarding this tutorial; including code + schematic diagram. To get these things visit the link below:


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Step 1: Things Required to Implement This Tutorial

you can get these from indiegogo link below


Step 2: How to Connect

You just have to make the connections and download the attached hex file to PicDevUSB.

Enjoy and share it with your friends.

for more applications of PicDevUSB visit:


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