LEDs and Wood

Introduction: LEDs and Wood

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Made something from nothing useing stuff that would other wise be garbage


Recycled things , dremel , peice of wood your choice,

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Step 1: Leds and Wood

Puting your outline on the wood spray adhesive on peice of wood then with proper placement push it down

Step 2: LEDs and Wood

Used bits to go around the out line the deeper the better and easier to cut out later then used 60 120 and 220 sand paper .Once it looks like you want it to then proceeded to cut it out. I used a band saw not recommend , scroll saw or jig saw is . After that I found a old battery aa box with switch hooked up lights then found more old junk laying around that wasn't being used .The black base is from a candle holder cut it with cutting wheel with dremel (caution wear safety glasses and gloves ) drilled out middle to match other piece of flexible metal tube ran wires through it out a nut on and placed battery box underneath with hot glue and glued the lights on back . I wanted to make something you can't just go out and buy for my Dad . Thanks and hope to make more things out of recycled things and post them here for
Mikesart81 thanks for reading.

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    8 days ago

    Good job, but next time make a packers one.:)


    12 days ago

    Cool shaping technique for wood! thanks for sharing!


    Reply 12 days ago

    Thanks I have only been doing dremel carving for 2 months and this is what I've done so far .I am a firm believer that everyone has given gifts from God just need to create and see what your capable of doing.so that's why I deside to do art because it's something that makes me forget about the world and I love to do it.