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I wanted to create a cute easy to build for many ages Lego AT-AT from the Star Wars universe. I do believe you will adore this design and hopefully share with others.

- The instructions are based off the actual instructions given with a new set.

- Follow it page by page, however I didn't give any instruction to which pieces you will need to create it.

- I suggest going through the pages one by one finding and than building.

- Once you have created it you will notice one piece wasn't added into the final cut of images.. I forgot about it.

- It's the butt piece.. a small circular piece that snaps on the back (could be made without it).

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Step 1: First Glance

This will allow you to view from another angle to see different pieces.

Step 2: Neck, Head and Blasters

Neck, Head and Blasters

Step 3: Legs and Feet

Legs and Feet

Step 4: Body Piece

Top, Center and Bottom

Step 5: Back Piece

Front, Center and Back

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    1 year ago

    Nice photos and instruction, thank you for shared

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    It was fun, thanks for viewing