Introduction: LEGO Brick TV

I like integrating electronics into LEGO bricks. It's great to add realistic lighting to your custom LEGO City creations or to add motors to make your custom LEGO Technic creations move. Why not add a functional LCD screen as well? Here's an easy one from a handful of bricks and a small LCD screen.

Step 1: LEGO Frame and LCD

See attached PDF file for the build instructions of the LEGO Brick TV frame. It's just a basic build for a frame but you can always modify it to add decals and hinged plates to make it look better and to make it easier to take the LCD screen out. An additional rabbit ear antenna would also make it look great.

The LCD screen in just a small key chain from Insignia :

Upload your photos to the Insignia key chain and set up the slide transitions and auto power-off settings.

It's a bit of a tight fit to push the LCD screen inside the frame but once you're able to slide it in, it will hold quite well.

Step 2: Turn It On

Turn on the LCD screen and close the top plate. You now have a functional LEGO Brick TV or something that appears to be like it since it will only display a slide show of your photos but it will still look great inside your LEGO house. It may also look great out on the streets if you use it as an outside display for commercial advertisements.

Step 3: Bonus!

You can also make your own "Double Decker Couch" to let the other guys sit down and watch a movie!

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    5 years ago

    so cool!