LEGO Butterfly Knife

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Today, you will learn how to build this LEGO Butterly Knife with this super easy tutorial.


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Step 1: Gather Your Pieces

Father the pieces shown in the picture. The pieces consist of:
-1 Black pin
-3 Blue Double Pins
-OPTIONAL: 4 Half pin half axle pieces
-1 3 pin long axle
-1 orange point piece
-2 3 pin long beams
-OPTIONAL: 2 Pin hole middle/ axle ends pieces
-1 black pin hole/ axle hole piece
-1 11 pin long beam
-2 15 pin long beams
-OPTIONAL: 4 14 stud long LEGO pieces with pin holes on the side

Step 2: Pivot

The first step is to create the "pivot". To create this, use your three pines and with the short side put them in the first 3 long beam then add the beams shown, and then add the next three long beam on top.

Step 3: Knife End

Now, we create the knife end. After this, we have the shape! Now it's time to add your own touch to it!

Step 4: Add Your Own Touch!

I will show you what I did to my butterfly knife, but you can decorate yours too with just a few basic LEGO pieces!

Step 5: Finish!

With mine, I added so that it locks when it is open. Comment what yours looks like! Leave a like if you enjoyed, it helps get this out to everyone. If you want more of tutorials like this, remember to follow me.

I'm NDfan329 and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of how to make a LEGO butterfly knife.

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