About: im a really nice kid that is pretty talented at drawing, building stuff and taking cars apart and putting them back together

this is a instructable on how to build a LEGO car lift to put in your mini LEGO workshop or to lift your cars off the ground.

What you need:
10 4x2x1 as shown in 2nd photo
2 2x1
4 6x1

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Step 1: First Bit

First you need to get 3 of your 4x2x1 blocks and stack them on top of each other.

Step 2: Arms

now get your 6x1 strips and put them like shown in photo then get your 2x1 dtrip and also put it as shown in photo.

Step 3: Top

now get 2 4x2x1 blocks and stack them on top of each other then put them on top of the lift like in photo. Now using all the remaining pieces build another lift.

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