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Lego Castle



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    hey scolhoun I am not the creator of this, but a suggestion might be that you could go to the lego store and buy bricks of his choice that are fit for a castle. Maybe 50 dollars, I dont know depends on the pieces he wants to build the castle with.

    Hello, I'm looking for actual instructions for building a castle out of Lego for my 10-year-old son. He desperately wants a castle from which to stage epic battles, but I just can't afford to pay $200-$300 for the sets. Any recommendations?

    WOWWWWW and you built this with out instractions SO COOL!!!!!!!!

    OMG sooooooooooooOOOOOOOoOoOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!! (I'm a boy)

    Omg gimme now or die at the hand of my dark night!

    14, 6:19 PM.jpg

    Really is it a set or free design

    When I was a kid I had a lego castle play set, it was not nearly as amazing at this! Nicely done! Voted for ya, good luck!

    I know it is two Lego Helms Deeps, but other than that not much... It is really cool anyway! Great job! Where did you get two Helms Deeps?

    If you notice, it's actually The Lord of The Rings set "The Battle of Helms Deep"