LEGO Cableholder





Introduction: LEGO Cableholder

I wanted to make a LEGO cableholder for my wifes new office. And I've seen some on the internet before, but for some reason most of them were glued on the surface.
I wanted to use screws, because I like a tight fit, with this design, I got exactly that.

Step 1: What You'll Need

4 minifigures (or less if you want a smaller unit)
2 flat LEGOs 2x3
1 flat LEGO 2x12
1 flat LEGO 2x8 (with holes in it)
2 screws

Step 2: Assembly

This is not rocket science, I know, but still, here's how it's put together.

Put to two 2x3's on the back of the 2x12, one in each side. They will work as spacers, leaving enough room for the screws.

Put your favorite minifigures on front (or whatever you can spare)

Put to two screws through two holes in the 2x8, and place the 2x12 assembly on top.

And that's it.

(You'll need to take off the 2x8 again, before putting it up on the wall)

Step 3: Up, Up, and Away

Time to put it up ob the wall. Be carefull not to tighten the screws too much, LEGO will break, if too much pressure is applied.



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Very good tutorial

I really like the fact that it can be pulled off and put back up like with magnets but this can be use on side of computer and the like sweet

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I like this one simple but quite.

Themed Legos (Star Wars, Harry Potter) would be great for a teen or kid's room. Or Adult! Love this

This is a cute idea! It'd be a good fix for a kids' room too. :)