LEGO Clock

Introduction: LEGO Clock

This instructable described a diy LEGO Clock is nothing to do with LEGO, originally I want to make a night clock to check the hour only when I suddenly wake up in the night to determine if I need to goto toilet. This clock is free of charge for me, I got a broken (only the shell) battery clock that is fairly silent (no tic tic sound heard).

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Step 1: The Hour Pointer

I reserved an ice cream cup and warped a conical white paper on it, I cut the number characters from an old calender and stick to the cone, the old hour needle from the old clock was glued in the center of the lid, the clock mechanism was attached in a plastic box as I need it place it upright.

Step 2: The LEGO Structure

The LEGO blocks were picked from my daughter's old toy box, she is playing handphone and don't play LEGO but still keep it? As I told it should be a night clock, I'm still thinking something to shine on the hours but not shine to my eyes and not consuming electricity, how to adjust the hours you may asked, just turn the cone.

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