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This LEGO, concrete and epoxy mallet was a lot of fun to make, and actually works really well. What's so awesome about this mallet is the weight, so it's perfect for fine chisel work and the epoxy encapsulates the concrete perfectly. You don't need any tools really to make this, it's very cheap, plus you can make it any size you'd like depending on the size of the mold you make. So let's get started!

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Step 1: LEGO Mold

So I began with making a small mold out of Lego. And I really like how easy it is to make this any size you'd like. This seemed like a good size for a small mallet.

Step 2: Mortar Mix

So I placed a piece of walnut in the middle (you can use any piece of wood), and then I mixed up some mortar mix, and I used this instead of concrete mix because I want this nice and smooth without any pebbles in it. So just mixing that up.

Step 3: Packing the Mortar

And then I started packing the mortar in the Lego box, around the walnut, pressing it down with my finger, trying to remove any air pockets, then filling it all way to the top. Making sure the walnut is square.

Step 4: Removing the Lego

Then a few hours later, I'm carefully removing it from the mold here, and taking the Lego apart. And of course you can always spray the Lego first with some vegetable oil to make it even easier to remove, but it wasn't too bad. And then lastly, getting it off the plate. And that has a nice weight to it.

Step 5: Epoxy

Now, time to mix some epoxy up here. I'm just blending this up, and then I'm applying a pretty thick coat on each side with a pencil here. And I'm trying to make sure I apply a liberal, yet smooth amount on the sides, and especially on the edges. So covering all the concrete. Then letting dry over night.

Step 6: Sanding & Finishing

The next day, I'm shaping the handle, and I'm using a spoke shave which is one of my favorite tools. Just making sure the handle is nice and smooth to grab without any sharp corners. Also doing the very end part here. Then a little sanding, starting coarse and moving finer. And finally I'm applying some of my tung oil beeswax polish for a nice finish.

Step 7: Trying It Out

And, let's try it out. So it works really very well, it has a great weight, great feel. The epoxy makes it feel almost a little rubbery, and it really encapsulates the concrete very well. I used it quite a bit, and there's barely a mark on the mallet.

Step 8: Conclusion - Watch the Video!

For a much better perspective, make sure to watch the video!



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    3 years ago idea :)


    3 years ago

    Legos come in more handy for anything on here!


    3 years ago

    I've never seen anyone use LEGO as a mold before. Very interesting idea and beautiful project!