LEGO Creeper ( Minecraft )





Introduction: LEGO Creeper ( Minecraft )

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The Creeper dangerous  Steve?'s worst enemie and yet somehow fun to build

Step 1: Step #1

here are the pieces you need

Step 2: The Legs

Step 3: The Head

Step 4: The Body

Step 5: The Face

Use sticker paper and print the Creeper face 19.5 by 19.5 mm



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    My friend built one with no stickers and posable limbs. Can you?

    thank you

    the finished product picture actually was before I had finished the sticker though so it looks kinda...... Tainted..?

    I don't know if it just isn't showing all the pieces for me, but you might want to check and make sure the flat 1x4 shows 2 pieces needed, the flat 1x2 shows two pieces needed, and the 1x1 block shows that it needs 4. I only see half the requirement for each of them and noticed when I had to go back to the bin for the rest of the parts.

    Thanks for this model, by the way. We are putting sets of these pieces together for party favors for my son's Minecraft birthday party. This is a really cool model

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    oh sorry I didn't realize I had left that out

    did you see the enderman?

    ps thanks for the comment

    I did, they are awesome! My wife was kind of freaked out by them, but I thought they were great - especially carrying a block like that. Great touch

    Thanks, again. These were really a hit :)