LEGO Custom Sonic Screwdriver

Introduction: LEGO Custom Sonic Screwdriver

Hello everyone! I just made an account here, and i wanted to show you how to make a customizable, cheap and extending LEGO Sonic Screwdriver! ( From the BBC tv-show Doctor Who) Lets get started! (This is my first instructable, so advice is welcome!)

Step 1: Materials

If you want to make an exact replica of my one, youre gonna need all the pieces in the picture. You can also choose to customize the back and end. The required parts can be bought in a LEGO Technic pack, or in those big electronical Technic vehicles... But those are SO expensive...

Step 2: Building the Base and the Back

Ok, so the base is required to be build like this, but the back is fully customizable, or you could just remove it! Though you need to make sure that there is a stick coming out the back and that you can turn this stick, so the end can extend.

Lets build the base: Grab all the required materials, and then do what the 1st and 2nd images say.

The back (Mine): Grab the gears and the stick, and then follow the instructions on the 3rd and 4th images.

Step 3: The End

The extendable part is your choice, and thats why im not adding instructions on this. If you want my end, then go to the very first image and use the parts that are left over to rebuild it. Well, thats about it! Hope you will enjoy your own LEGO sonic screwdriver!

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