LEGO Ev3 GLaDOS (Portal 2)

Introduction: LEGO Ev3 GLaDOS (Portal 2)

Hi, my name john, (sorry about the english), and here we got a amazing lego functionally GLaDOS from portal 1 and 2, a amazing game, love it :3.

Spoiler: there are a easter egg here, look out for it.

I'm so excited.

So let's build it.

Step 1: The Materials

I'm using a lego ev3 education kit version, borrowed from my high school.

This one kit maybe do not have enought pieces, but you can take some of them from a lego techinic kit.

The programs used are:

-LEGO Digital Designer


There is a building guide, be sure to complete all the steps.

A 3D model that you can visualize just in case of forgot something.

And the program used.

Step 2: Building

To make things more agile, i'm uploding a building manual and a 3D model build in Lego digital designer, if you have it, you can visualize it and see what you are missing.

There are some photos up here that explain some things like the GLaDOS black ring construction, by default it have all the pieces of belt to make a perfect ring, simple.

The axis and the cables passing trought glados body and the base must be in order to correctly move, check it several times, i recommend to use a smartphone aplication like RemotEV3, or the official Lego Commander. the axis of base/glados must move about 70° of the center axis facing forward, qhen centered her body must move 35° each direction.

About the cables, the photos explain where you gonna have to pass all of them, all the places and ways to fit them and your GLaDOS gonna move correctly.

One more thing, the axis of the small motor or the ring axis or neck axis, whatever, the small piece that moves everything is a small turntable, don't miss it please, just take the attention during this step.

Step 3: Programing

So, it's complicated, but, it's complete for you, just download and install on ev3.

If you wanna understand, i marked with colors, follow this:

Red is an specific function, the first red box is the initial step of glados, the second is sound trigger of the "surprise", third is color functions, and the last is the destruction action, or robotic rape :v

Black is the beginning of the function or the trigger of it.

Blue refer to visual/motion reactions and the conclusion of the function.

Green is all the body/head/talk movements.

Very superficial, but it illustrate the basic functions.

Step 4: Done!

Enjoy, still have some bugs, it gonna go crazy many times, fun, fun fun fun, very nostalgic and self esteem, good job, you win, just go, hahahaha, it's was fun, don't come back.

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    5 weeks ago

    Lookswise, it's good, but it's functionality is where it excels. Good job!


    4 years ago

    This looks great!