LEGO Fire Falcon With Suspension (WIP)

Introduction: LEGO Fire Falcon With Suspension (WIP)

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This is my entry for Brick Fiesta 2013 please note that this is a work in progress. (WIP) Instructions for complete model coming soon!



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    Well that was unexpected! chicken little beat me! I won't be able to make instructions because on the last day it was in a RC car challenge. That about sums it up bye!

    Well I'm definitely enjoying Brick Fiesta! My car got nominated for best TECNIC! The judges will give out the awards tomorrow, I'm up against a Mindstorms "Chicken Little" all that it does is the head turns randomly. Well, so far I've won about 150$ worth of LEGO TECHNIC, Chima, ( yeah, Chima ;) ) and LOTR. Well technicgeek10s gotta go, bye!

    Thank you I shall be posting the finished product in the next week or two. It has come a long way from the shown. I wish I had the piece that you have for steering. and once again thank you!

    Nice, it looks promising!
    The chassis seem to use only a few components.
    I like your steering system that used the standard components, instead of using the specific steering system as I used in my R/C Lego Car.
    Good job!
    Looking forward to see your complete "Fire Falcon" and an instructable of it too! :)
    Good luck and enjoy the Brick Fiesta 2013!