LEGO Fire Falcon With Suspension (WIP)

Introduction: LEGO Fire Falcon With Suspension (WIP)

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This is my entry for Brick Fiesta 2013 please note that this is a work in progress. (WIP) Instructions for complete model coming soon!

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    4 Discussions

    Well that was unexpected! chicken little beat me! I won't be able to make instructions because on the last day it was in a RC car challenge. That about sums it up bye!

    SwaggerFul Swellow
    SwaggerFul Swellow

    6 years ago

    Well I'm definitely enjoying Brick Fiesta! My car got nominated for best TECNIC! The judges will give out the awards tomorrow, I'm up against a Mindstorms "Chicken Little" all that it does is the head turns randomly. Well, so far I've won about 150$ worth of LEGO TECHNIC, Chima, ( yeah, Chima ;) ) and LOTR. Well technicgeek10s gotta go, bye!

    Thank you I shall be posting the finished product in the next week or two. It has come a long way from the shown. I wish I had the piece that you have for steering. and once again thank you!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, it looks promising!
    The chassis seem to use only a few components.
    I like your steering system that used the standard components, instead of using the specific steering system as I used in my R/C Lego Car.
    Good job!
    Looking forward to see your complete "Fire Falcon" and an instructable of it too! :)
    Good luck and enjoy the Brick Fiesta 2013!