LEGO Halloween Costume(using Recycled Materials)





Introduction: LEGO Halloween Costume(using Recycled Materials)

Do you love Legos? Do you want to be one? Well now you can be one. I made these for halloween last year and it was a BIG hit. People are still taking about it. All you need is a few things from around the house, finding a better way to use things that would be thrown out.

This is a relativity easy project.

Step 1: Materials

A cardboard box (big enough for you to fit in)
Duct Tape
6 Paper bowls
Spray Paint
Razor Blade/Scissors

Step 2: The Framework

The Box:
My box is 19" x 28" x 16"
Head hole=8.5" dia.
Arm holes=7.25" dia.

You may need to cut the box and tape it back together to make it fit you.

The Bowls:
Cut off the rim
Poke 2 holes in bowl
Add string and knot off the end

Step 3: Add the Paint

Paint the Box and the bowls seperate. When you paint the bowls and the string aswell. This may take several coats of paint.

Do the painting outside!

Step 4: Add the Bowls

Once the paint is dry you can add the bowls. Poke a the scissors or a pen through the box. This is where the bowls will be attached to the box. Make 2 holes for each bowl. Once the string is through the box tie the 2 pieces together and tape them down. Repeat 5 more times.

Step 5: Trick or Treat

Now your ready to go out and dazzle the on lookers.

Reminder: wear a shirt that matches the color or your lego brick

Step 6: Suggestion

If you want to, you could add bowls on the back of the brick(facing inward) so 2 bricks could connect together.

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    31 Discussions

    DUDE! That is an awesome idea for a costume! I was going to be Optimus Prime but I only have a week to make a costume and this is perfect!


    1 reply

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! I used the cut off bottoms of red beer cups to make my brick tops, and glued one on to a headband for a hat.

    Here is a flipbook video of me in my lego block costume doing a silly dance. Cheers!

    Thanks for the idea! I did this for me and my husband. Everyone loved it! Also a tip...I used hot glue to spell out LEGO on the top of the effect. :)

    2 replies

    You guys look great! Except the arm flaps kinda take away from the costume a bit. Still very nice!

    This is a great idea!


    One question, why the string to attach the bowls?  I would use glue and then you don’t have the little dangly bits of string on the bowls.


    Also, you could make a stencil that said “LEGO” and paint each top like a normal Lego brick.


    Again, this is a GREAT idea and thanks for posting it!

    1 reply

    With just the glue, the bowls would get detached quickly. I sewed the bowls with the cord and put a printed LEGO logo over the visible part of the cords...

    Here's my try.
    I printed out 7 LEGO logos in a color printer. Everyone asked me where did I buy the LEGO stickers :).

    I also used a red cap and put a LEGO piece over the top of the cap. That was funny too...


    Great Instructable!!!  My wife and I made ours today, just in time.  They turned out great.  Thanks for the great instructions. 

    Each block used 2 cans of spray paint. 

    Have a great Halloween!!! 

    1 reply

    Hiya ur idea made me want to make a lego suit to for ma halloween party XD

    That looks awesome!!!!!
    I made a pop tart cosume using the same technique last year
    Hot fudge sundae flavored

    1 reply

    I have to see a picture of that, as I have a friend who might sell me her first born if I could pull off that costume. ;) 

     I wouldn't recommend that unless you live somewhere that is really warm at the end of October.  Otherwise you'd freeze your butt off.

    Where I'm from, it's not uncommon to wear your winter coat to go trick or treating.