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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a Lego Ferris Wheel with an NXT 2.0. I apologize to EV3 owners for any inconveniences my outdated machine/program poses. This requires quite a lot of parts (153), so if you lack the proper components improvisation is encouraged.

DISCLAIMER: This project should not be dangerous. In event of injury because of the project, I cannot be held responsible. Honestly, though, how on Earth could you hurt yourself building LEGOS? Anyway, time to start!

Step 1: Parts

The Ferris Wheel utilizes only the most simple electronics in the 2.0 kit. One full kit may not be enough, as I said before, so improvising with shorter or long parts is a great idea. Here is the list:

1x NXT Brick (main controller)

2x NXT motors

2x NXT port wires (medium)

1x Computer with NXT and LDD (Lego Digital Designer) software

1-2x NXT pieces kits

All you have to do is gather these supplies in a clean, open, space and you are ready to begin!

Step 2: Building the Wheel

In this step, there are rough instructions on this page, and there is a building guide (LDD). I recommend using the guide, unless you are just looking for the basic idea and improvising.

1) Add a motor to the side of the main brick. It is the speed controller. (First picture)

2) Build a foundation on the other side of the brick and put the motor inside to power the wheel (second picture)

3) Starting at the motor and working out, add symmetrical pieces in a circular formation.
(Third picture)
4) NOT IN GUIDE: Add a carnival-like scene below the wheel with LEGOs (optional)
(Final product picture)

Step 3: Programming

Ok, just like the last step, I have the code in the link below and a rough description right here.

The programming is a bit difficult, but any amateur can find a way. The motor directly connected to the NXT is the speed control. It is plugged into port A. The wheel motor is connected to port B.

The coding has to go something like this:

When Motor A is turned X degrees, Motor B spins Y(speed)

It's very easy to figure out, you just need a more advanced knowledge of how the program works. If you make a program you think is easier or better than mine, I would love to here about it in the comments.

Step 4: Finishing Up

That's my Instructable! I hope you enjoyed this project, don't forget to like and vote for me for the LEGO Contest! Thank you!



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    2 years ago

    can i see the building instruction because i need, this what i do in my project

    This is cool! You should make the main image a picture of the Ferris Wheel though so people can tell what you made easily :)

    Also, I thought it was funny in the first step when you say "Honestly, though, how on Earth could you hurt yourself building LEGOS?" because clearly you have never stepped on one and experienced the most excruciating pain known to man, haha

    Anyways, cool project!