LEGO Mindstorms NXT: Roadster PSP-NX Supercharged




Introduction: LEGO Mindstorms NXT: Roadster PSP-NX Supercharged

NOTE: This was created in 2010, I just didn't get to writing the 'Ible until now.

This project started out at just another pivot steering, PS2 controller controlled LEGO Mindstorms NXT car, but it ended up turning into something awesome!

I created the basic first version myself. It had rear-wheel drive, pivot steering, and was controlled by a PlayStation 2 controller. You used the right joystick to go forward or backward (ajustable speed), and the d-pad (left/right/up) buttons to steer (the up button centered the wheels). I'm not sure about this button, but there's a horn that you honk with (I'm not sure) either R1 or X. Also, for some reason, I put two NXTs on it. See more documentation at:

This was when I got together with my friend. We removed the second NXT, and added large green wheels, a pneumatic claw and a pneumatic compressor with pressure gauge and pneumatic switch (there was a differential set up so that when the motor went one way, it pumped, and when it went the other way, it toggled the pneumatic switch). There was also a manual pump, since the motorized one was VERY slow.

This version had as many features as we could cram into it! My friend improved the pneumatic claw so it can close AND pick things up with only one piston! We moved the pneumatic compressor to the front, and even added lights using LEGO Power Functions! We also relocated the wireless PS2 controller sensor to inside the car.

My Contribution:
Chassis Design
Remote Control Capability with a PlayStation 2 controller
Steering System
Drive System

My Friend's Contribution:
Pneumatic Compressor for the claw
Homemade Pneumatic Pressure Sensor
Pneumatic Claw
Large Green Wheels

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Err.. I posted this 2 years ago and I haven't been building robots lately, so I deleted my old programs.

    :D i made it but instead i made it huge with 3 12V's on it :D its a mean machine.....for killin....accualy crashed into meh and broke my shine. its 2 feet tall and 5 feet long