About: Hi my name is Muchen and I'm a student at Imperial College.

This is a lego NXT MLRS missile launcher which shoots rubberbands. Created & designed by Muchen.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:



An android/ apple mobile phone/tablet/ipod

Step 2: Attach Tracks to the Motors

Copy what I did in the photos, be sure to use the pinhead grey stick. Then just attach to the bottom of motor. On the other side of motor attach 2 black mini tubes. Then just make another one! Of course this time the wheels go on the other side of the motor.

Step 3: Joining the Motors Together

Now make the 2 types of connectors to join the motors together:D

Step 4: The Base & Cabin Holder

Build this, this goes in between the motors and this will hold the base and the cabin.

Step 5: The Base

Make the base all u need is some tubes and beams. Then fix this onto the 'base & cabin holder'.

Step 6: Make the Rotatory Base

This base will allow you to move your missile turret up and down, left and right. Once built attach to back of base

Step 7: Building the Missile Turret

First of all build 2x structures 1 and 2 (tagged in photos) . link them together with a long black connector. Then build the firing motor which is a motor with  tow mini gears each side. Then connect the motor to the 2x structure 1 and 2. Finally attach it to the rotatory base.

Step 8: Building the Roof of the MLRS

Build this structure, remember to leave a slight gap for the top of the motor to fit. Then use the bent beams to attach to the firing turret.

Step 9: Attach the "cabin"

The cabin is actually very simple to attach, because it is the NXT brick! Basically attach the nxt brick to the base & cabin holder. *refer to step 4 if needed.

Step 10: The Wiring

Attach all wires to ports A, B, and C side of the NXT brick, since there is no sensors built in the MLRS. Note that The 2 driving motors goes to port B and C and firing motor goes to port A. 

Step 11: Remote Control

Please download apps such as Mindroid app for android devices or iNXT remote for iOS devices
If you have a bluetooth enabled computer you can use the default remote app included in your NXT Mindstorms software CD.
Then test your MLRS out! If your MLRS did not go in the direction you wanted it to go please rewire your motors to a different port, but keep firing motor at port A. Thanks for reading this instructables.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there, may I know how to attach and make your rubber band firing mechanism? Thankee......


    5 years ago on Introduction

    i built something like this before but it couldn't move. nice job

    Nice job, but I'm confused. :3 I thought the rods and connectors contest said not to use legos. Although, this type of lego bricks is more rods-and-connectorish if anything, but still, someone needs to make an official list of all the things that can be used.

    I really like the robot, it looks very clean and I'm sure it functions great! Voted for you in both contests! :D

    5 replies

    Hi, I thought the same to, but I believe rods and connectors also include things like LEGO technic and NXT as they r not bricks or beams!:D

    Yeah, I think I've figured it out now. Thanks! You're welcome for voting; you deserve it. I see you've enter more contests and I'll vote for this in them, too. :D