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Introduction: LEGO Nighthawk

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This is my LEGO ship, officially named the Nighthawk.

To start out, this is my most detailed and color-coded of my collection. The colors are mainly made up of Black, White, and Grey where I couldn't find a piece in the first two colors.

The Nighthawk is, of course, shaped like a hawk. The top and bottom of the ship is symmetrical, which means I try to make it look the same. Of course, there are differences.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to generally make a good-looking LEGO spaceship, since I am unable to take apart the Nighthawk without forgetting where everything goes. :P

Step 1: The Hull and Cockpit

What you want to start out with is the hull and cockpit. Generally, you want to find some curved hull pieces, possibly from a boat or a submarine LEGO set. Make sure it is flat on the edges by adding more pieces, and leave a spot for the Pilot and/or gunner. A power core (Just some semi-transparent pieces blocked together) makes a great addition for detail and for trying to be accurate.

When the hull is completed, look for cockpit pieces that match the hull. Make it without holes, or your pilot will be sucked out into outer space!

Step 2: The Wings

After you finish your hull and cockpit, you will need to have several dozen matching wing pieces (preferably of the same color, so all the pieces look like one big piece when you look at it). Surround the cockpit & hull on the edges with your starting wing pieces to get started.

You will want the first ones to be the largest wing pieces you have, then you can build off from there. On the Nighthawk, I was looking for a forward-slanting wing, to make it look more like a bird rather than a ship. I also added a wing structure on the back, which looks like it's "feathers."

Step 3: The Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories you can use for your ship, I used old-fashioned wheels for the engines on the back, and loads of laser cannons. You can use literally anything in your LEGO collection! The trick with the accessories is the fact you cannot put too many of them on. E.G., if you put too many engines on, the ship may look too heavy. If you put too many laser cannons on, it could drain the power faster. (Talking in practical terms here, ;))

Step 4: Done!

Thank you for reading and looking at my ship. This IS my first Instructable, so bear with me, I will get better.

I hope you liked it! If you did like it, favorite it and you will be appreciated!

That's all for now,




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    Thanks! You know, I haven't really thought about giving him a name. :P


    4 years ago

    nice model

    Here's a tip take inspiration from others maybe have a look at mine but good job i love it
    -squid are taking over

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    Here's a tip take inspiration from others maybe have a look at mine but good job i love it
    -squid are taking over