Many people like puzzles, some would like to make there own, but not everyone have necessary tools for it. Lego has almost every child. You don't need to spend much time on learning how to make it. Everything you need is a gtreat idea, patience and some Lego pieces. This project shows you how to do the simpliest Lego puzzle-box. Go ahead and try to make it! It's quite simple to do, but let your friend figure out how to open it - not so easy. For those who will do it, there can be a little trophy inside.

Step 1: Parts

You need Lego parts

Step 2: The Base

4 plates 6x4

1 plates 6x10

6 plates 4x1

2 plates 6x1

6 tiles 1x4

4 tiles 2x2

2 tiles 2x4

1 tile 1x8

2 brick 2x2

4 brick 4x1

1 brick 4x2

Step 3: Key

1 plate 2x2

1 plate 4x2

1 plate 6x2

4 tiles 1x4

2 tiles 1x6

Put the key on the base like it shows on the picture to the right.

Step 4: Secret Box

2 plates 2x1

1 plate 2x3

5 plates 4x2

2 plates 6x2

1 plates 8x2

1 plates 6x4

1 plates 4x4

3 bricks 6x1

3 bricks 2x1

3 bricks 4x1

1 brick 8x1

4 tiles 6x1

1 locking mechanism 1x2

Step 5:

9 plates 4x2

1 plate 6x2

1 plates 1x6

1 plates 1x4

1 plates 1x2

8 bricks 4x2

1 brick 2x2

2 bricks 6x2

1 brick 8x1

1 tile 2x2

1 locking mechanism 1x2

Step 6: Top

4 plates 6x4

1 plates 6x10

6 plates 4x1

2 plates 6x1

Step 7: The Mechanism

Pull out the key, push the hidden button on the back of the box and the secret box will open.



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    I have many LEGO sets and unfortunately I don`t remember from which one it was.