LEGO Pickup Truck

Introduction: LEGO Pickup Truck

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This instructable will show you how to build a LEGO Pickup Truck, a big enough size for your minifigures to ride in. Have some spare free time? Well try building this, with just 5 easy steps to follow!

Judging that this is an esthetic build, its mainly meant for decoration, however you could use this to add-on to a LEGO set you bought, or something like that :). So without further ado, lets begin the tutorial!

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Step 1: Pieces

Not too many parts are required to build this, but if you experience any difficulties figuring out and/or getting all the pieces, then you are in luck. Every piece (except the Minifigure) in the list below has a Design ID (the digits) that can be clicked on and you will be taken to a webpage showing where you can get that piece and more information about it. Also, you can use the online LEGO Pick A Brick shop to buy the pieces separately. Colors are optional.

Anyway, here are the pieces required to build this Pickup Truck:

  • Car Base - Yellow x1 (4212)
  • Tire - Black x4 (6015)
  • Tire Disc - White x4 (6014)
  • 2x2 Plate with Wheels Holder - Grey x2 (4600)
  • 2x2 Plate - Black x5 (3022)
  • 1x6 Plate - Yellow x2 1x3 Plate - Yellow x2 (3666)
  • 1x8 Plate - Black x2 1x2 Plate - Black x2 (3460)
  • 1x1 Plate - Opaque,Red x2 (3024)
  • 1x2 Tile Grille with Groove - Black x2 (2412b)
  • 1x2 Plate - Black x2 (3023)
  • 1x3 Plate - Yellow x2 (3623)
  • 1x2 Plate with Handle - Black x1 (2540)
  • 1x4 Tile - Black x2 (2431)
  • 1x1 30deg Slope - Opaque,Yellow x2 (50746)
  • 1x1 Nose Cone - x2 (4589)
  • 1x1 Rounded Plate - x2 (6141)
  • Angle Plate - Yellow x1 (2436)
  • Minifigure Chair - Brown x1 (4079)
  • Windshield - Smoke x1 (2437)
  • Steering Wheel - White,Black x1 (3829)
  • Mini Antenna - White,Black x1 (4592, 4593)
  • Minifigure - x1

FYI: Opaque = Slightly transparent.
FYI: Plate = 1 third of a full-height block.
FYI: Tile = 1 third of a full-height block with a smooth top.

Step 2: The Basic Shape

In this step we will be constructing the basic element of the car. It's simple: just follow the pictures one by one and read the notes that are on them!

Parts used in this step: 1x6 Plate (2), 1x3 Plate (2), 1x1 Plate (2), 1x8 Plate (2), 2x2 Plate (1), 1x2 Plate (2), Angle Plate (1), 1x1 30deg Slope (2), 1x2 Tile Grille with Groove (2), 1x2 Plate with Handle (1), 1x4 Tile (2);

Step 3: Wheels

In this step we will be adding the bottom part of the Pickup Truck, aka the wheels! Like the last step, follow the photos and read the notes on them.

Parts used in this step: 2x2 Plate (2), 2x2 Plate with Wheels Holder (2), Tire Discs (2), Tires (2);

Step 4: Interior

In this step we will be finishing the Pickup Truck with the interior of the Pickup Truck, as well as the windshield. You know the drill already, follow those photos once more!

Parts used in this step: Minifigure Chair (1), Steering Wheel (1), Windshield (1), Mini Antenna (1), 1x1 Nose Cone (2), 1x1 Rounded Plate (2), Minifigure (1);

Step 5: You're Done!

Congrats! Now you have your very own LEGO Pickup Truck. I hope you liked the tutorial, and if you haven't already, give it a go (build it :P)! Thanks for viewing this instructable. If you enjoyed it, a favorite would be highly appreciated. If you wish to see more tutorials like this, then go ahead and follow me! Thank you very much for your attention, and feel free to ask me any questions in the comment area below.


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