LEGO Squeeze to Grab Claw

Introduction: LEGO Squeeze to Grab Claw

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a simple extendable arm out of Legos. This design can be easily built( show this to your kids parents, and they can build it themselves) and has a multitude of uses, from stealing TV remotes, to "handy" household uses to playing tug of war with your dog to simply annoying all your friends with its incessant clicking. It also fits handily in your pocket, so you can use it on the go if you want to(don't sit down though, trust me).

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need the following parts:
Two 16-stud rods with holes
Four14-stud rods with holes
Two 10-stud rods with holes
Ten pegs
Two 2 by 1 stud Lego pieces

Step 2: Making the Handle

Take the two 10-stud pieces and use one of the pegs to attach them to each other at the third hole as shown in the picture. The short end of the X that is formed will be the handle.

Step 3: Extending Arms

Take the two 14-stud pieces and attach them to the ends of each 10-stud piece as shown with pegs. Attach the middle of both pieces with pegs.

When you squeeze the short end, the device should extend. If it doesn't, look to see if the configuration is correct.

Step 4: The Claw

Repeat step three with the remaining 14-stud rods. Attach the two 16-stud pieces to the ends as shown. Count down six holes from the last joints you connected, and attach the two 16-stud pieces at that point.

Step 5: Finishing Touches and Tips

Add the two 2 by1 Lego pieces to the claw. To finish your pincer. You are finished with your squeeze to grab hand. To operate it, simply squeeze the smaller end.
This arm can, theoretically be expanded infinitely by simply repeating step three over and over again, although at some point the assembly won't be able to handle the weight
That is all that is left to say about this project . Favorite this instructable and leave a comment if you know a way to make this more AWESOME. Enjoy your new appendage

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