LEGO Truck




Introduction: LEGO Truck

These instructions are for a custom LEGO truck that I have built.  The truck is very easy to put together and takes less than 10 steps.

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Step 1: Pieces Needed to Complete LEGO Truck


Pieces used in order


10x2 flat (red)


4x2 brick (yellow)


axel w/2 tires (black)


8x1 brick (white)


2x1 brick (white)


2x1 hollow (clear)


2x1 brick (clear)


3x1 brick (red)


4x4 flat (red)


6x1 flat (gray)


Rack (yellow)


2x1 sloped (white)


Cylinder (white)

Step 2: STEP 1: Base of Truck

To start the construction of the LEGO truck, take 2 10x2 flat red pieces and lay them upside down next to each other with the longer sides adjacent to one another.

Step 3: STEP 2: Axels

Attach 2 4x2 yellow bricks to the flat red pieces along with an axel and 2 wheels which are attached to the back half of the 2 yellow bricks. The first yellow brick should be flush with the front of the red flat pieces and the other should be three rows in from the back of the red pieces.

Step 4: STEP 3: Sides and Back of the Bed of the Truck

Flip the set over so the wheels are on the table.  Attach 2 8x1 white bricks to the sides of the vehicle with the back of the bricks in line with the back of the flat red pieces.  Also attach a 2x1 white brick in-between the 2 8x1 white bricks at the back of the red flat pieces.

Step 5: STEP 4: Windshield and Front Windows

Attach the hollow 2x1 clear piece to the front of the truck, centered on the 2 middle circles.  Then, attach 2 2x1 clear bricks next to the hollow clear piece so they extend back to the second row of connecting circles

Step 6: STEP 5: Sides and Top of Cab

Now, attach 2 3x1 red bricks starting 1 connecting circle behind the front of the clear bricks. Then attach the 4x4 flat red piece to the top with the front of the piece being flush with the front of the vehicle.

Step 7: STEP 6: Top Bar and Back Rack

Attach the gray 6x1 flat piece to the back row of the red 4x4 flat piece so one connecting circle of the gray piece is hanging off of each side.  Then, Attach the yellow rack behind the 2 3x1 red bricks.

Step 8: STEP 7: Stacks of LEGO Truck

Attach 2 2x1 sloped white pieces behind the yellow rack so the taller part is closer to the yellow rack.  Finally, attach 2 round white cylinders to the top of each white sloped piece. The LEGO truck is now complete, congratulations!

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    5 years ago

    I like it, it's small it's cool. I like it, good work!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice truck!
    10x2? I think that should be 5x2 (X x Y I believe
    no affence just for futer refference