LEGO USB Flash Drives




About: I have always loved the feeling of finishing the construction of an object and if I don't have something I need or want I usually give it a go to build it from what I have. Usually though, I look at a boring...

I was thinking of what I could possibly use to disguise a USB...

Then I thought I would give some old LEGO a try because, well, who doesn't like lego?
These are both 8 GB 2.0 flash drives. They don't take too long to make if you have all the materials you need
at hand. You should however make sure you have spare bricks in case you make a mistake. Making one of
these is simple, just but a USB, get some LEGO bricks, grind or cut the inside structure away to make space
for the flash drive and glue it in. For the underside I used thinner bricks (you can also just grind a regular lego
block to the required thickness). You will have cut the top of the thin brick off. For the lid/cap, follow the same
procedure, just glue some foam rubber or something similar into the "roof" of the cap to hold the USB firmly.



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