LEGO Vase/Pot/Holder/Box

This is a fun and easy project if you want a cool flower vase, a storage box, or a pencil holder. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME FOR THE CONTEST!!!

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Step 1: What You Need

Layer 1
-14 red square Legos
-14 white square Legos
Layer 2
-11 blue square Legos
-13 white square Legos
-3 blue, 1 white half width three long pieces
-1 white single piece
-3 blue single pieces
TO MAKE, YOU ALTERNATE LAYER 1 AND 2, so you need EXTRA Legos depending on how many Layers you want

Step 2: Layer 1

Simply secure the square Legos, alternating blue and white, all around the base, check picture for reference

Step 3: Layer 2

Layer 2 is less simple. Start by putting down the a white square on each side 1 square's length from the top, then alternate with the blue until on both sides there is a white square 1 square's length from the bottom. Do the same thing lengthwise but leave only half a square's length from the side. Look at picture 2 for reference as the right corner and add the half width piece and single piece like so. If this is confusing the pictures should help to clarify.

Step 4: More Layers

You can create as many layers as you want and feel free to switch up the colors, just be sure to group the same colors for at least two layers each.

Step 5: Top Layers

To give it a finished look, you can add layers of single colors one at a time until you think it looks finished.

Step 6: Finished Look!

Have fun with your new vase or box, use it for whatever you want, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME FOR THE BUILDING CONTEST PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! :)

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