LEGO X-302 Experimental Jet

Introduction: LEGO X-302 Experimental Jet

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This is a simple LEGO model of my own creation.  It is also my first instructables.  The best part of playing with LEGOs is creating things but if your coming up blank on what to create next, try this!  

All you need are a few parts that are commonly found in basic LEGO set.

The parts needed are: 

1 blue 2x8 brick
1 yellow 2x4 slant brick 
1 blue 2x1 brick
1 white 1x3 brick
1 white 1x2 slant brick
1 white 1x1 cylinder brick
1 black 1x1 square brick
2 yellow 2x3 plates
1 grey 2x3 plate
2 light grey 2x4 plates
1 black 1x2 plate
1 black single peg 1x2 plate
1 white 1x4 plate
2 grey 1x6 plates
2 white corner plates
3 orange button pieces
4 green button pieces
1 black wrench piece

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Step 1: The Body

To start place a yellow angle brick and the blue 2x8 brick on the 2x3 yellow plate as shown in the pickure.  Take the 2x1 brick and place on the  second row of pegs of the blue 2x8 brick. 

Step 2: Front Wing

Take the white corner pieces and attach them at the corner to the light grey 2x4 plates as shown in the top figure above.  Next take the grey 2x3 and place the first row of a yellow 2x3 plates on the last row of the grey plate. (as shown in the top figure above).  Bring the corner pieces together connecting them to the bottom of the yellow 2x3 plate (see figure above),  The front wing connects to the main body right in front of the blue 1x2 brick (use the notch as a guide). 

Step 3: Rear Wing

Pop in two of the orange buttons into the center holes of the white 1x4 plate.  Pop in the grey 1x6 plates into the remaining holes. To make the wing sweep back rotate the grey plates back slightly (so that the corners are almost touching the orange buttons).  Attach a green button on the top of each end of the wing for a finishing touch.  Connect it to the main body by popping onto the underside of the body's blue 2x8 brick (under the pegs 3rd from the rear).

Step 4: The Tail

Simply pop the remaining orange button in the first hole of the white 1x3 brick.  Finish the tail by attaching the white 1x2 slanting brick on top of the 1x3 brick as shown in the figure above.  It connects to the body of the plane by popping the orange button in the center of the last 4 top pegs of the body's blue 2x8 brick.

Step 5: The Engine

Place the white cylinder 1x1 on the first peg of the black 1x2 plate. Attach the wrench piece to the remaining peg of the 1x2 plate.  Stack the final two green buttons on top of each other.  Flip the stack and insert into the wrench. The entire engine assembly attaches to the tail via the hollow peg of the white cylinder plugged into the interior peg of the 1x3 brick of the tail (visible on the bottom of the 1x3 brick).  

Step 6: The Stand

This last step is optional if you want to display the model. Connect a black 1x1 brick to the single to the single peg 1x2 plate. Connect to the 3rd center hole on the bottom of the body's blue 2x8 brick (the first hole visible). Your model is now complete & ready to display!

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