LEGO Brick LED Masking - Getting Rid of the Blue Note

Introduction: LEGO Brick LED Masking - Getting Rid of the Blue Note

What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who are disturbed by light while trying to sleep.

There are some people around who think that LED that are always "on" when a machine is working is the right way to provide feedbacks on the status... I don't agree and I get angry. 
I get angry because, furthermore, they use blue LEDs... And blue is a colour that is very well perceived by some of the light receptors of our eyes. Especially the ones that allow us to see something in the dark. 
So basically, my bedroom is far too bright when I try to sleep because of a nasty blue LED on one of my active speaker.

What is the mission?
- I want to mute this LED.
- I don't like to do irreversible changes to stuff. I change my mind very often...
- I want to make it geeky. LEGO raised generations of geeks.
- I want to be still be billed for the 6W that this LED is burning on a daily basis because I am too lazy to switch it off.

What do you need?
- A small brick of LEGO of you choice
- A nose turd sized ball of tac adhesive putty
- A pencil
- A handful of fingers

Total cost of the project:
- 0,0024 mortal kombat credit coins
- 5mn of your life

Step 1: The Tac Putty Donut

Use some tac putty and roll and curve it in a donut shape.

Step 2: Turd the Led Around

Put the donut of tac around the LED.

Step 3: Be Tasty

Pick your LEGO brick. Take the one that really fit your mood. Choose the colour and transparency properly. This is the critical step of this tutorial.

Step 4: Stick It

Stick the brick above the LED by pushing it on the tac donut. Remove the tac that is not needed carefully with the tip of the pencil.

Step 5: Have a Nice Dream!


Gluonnement vôtre... I know, I changed your life today.

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