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I'm a serious fidgeter, so it's a good idea for me to carry a fidget toy with me at all times. I have found that there is no better fidget toy than LEGO, so I decided I needed to put some LEGO blocks on something else I carry with me at all times, my cellphone.

This Instructable is super simple and the only tools you'll need are sand paper and more LEGO blocks.

Necessary materials include the following:

Hard Plastic Cell Phone Case

Plate Style LEGO Bricks

Super Glue or Epoxy

More LEGO Pieces as Accessories

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Step 1: Sand

In order for the epoxy or super glue to stick best to the phone case, start by sanding the surface of the case lightly. Try to avoid sanding up to the edge since the LEGO piece may not cover the entire case.

Step 2: Arrange LEGO

Arrange the LEGO bricks on top of the case so that they fill as much of the area as possible. It's pretty tricky to keep everything lined up, so be careful. One way to make this easier (that I just thought of and didn't do on my case) is to use some double sticky tape just to keep the piece in place temporarily as you go.

Step 3: Backing

You could just go ahead and glue all the pieces onto the case immediately, but this strategy may end up with some misalignment. What is the best way to make sure your LEGO bricks are lined up? More LEGO! Use some long wide pieces to connect everything together. These bricks are just acting as alignment help and won't be glued on, so you don't need to worry about them extending passed the edges of the case. In fact, it makes the gluing easier if they are a bit longer than your case is wide.

Step 4: Glue

Now all there is left to do is glue the LEGO onto the case. I recommend doing this while your cell phone is out of it's case, so there is no chance you'll get glue on your phone.

Simply apply an even layer of glue over the surface of the LEGO blocks and press them firmly onto the case. The epoxy I used sets in a matter of second, so I just held it with my hands, but if you have a glue with a longer set time it might be a good idea to clamp the case or put it between some heavy books.

Epoxy or super glue are the best options for glue in this project, because they stick really well to almost all types of plastic.

Step 5: Accessorize

It's time to have some fun and play with LEGO. As you are well aware, any LEGO brick will fit on this case, but the best in terms of pocket convenience are flat plates, but I encourage you to go nuts and have some fun. You can even change it up every day based on your mood. Wheels are always fun and useful, right?

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