LEGO Muscle Car

Introduction: LEGO Muscle Car

I was playing around with some bricks and WAZZAM!  a lego muscle car.

Step 1: Bottom Piece

1-4x4 flat

2-2x2  flat


3-2x4 flats

2-1x4 bricks

Step 2: Front Top

Step 3: Back Top

Step 4: Top Middle

1-4x4 flat

3-1x4 tile

10-1 studs (6 light gray,2 silver,and 2 red)

2-flat 1x4s

2-tile 1x2s

3-grill 1x2s

1-2x6 flat

2-2x2 tiles

1-1x2 flat

1-1x2 with little thingy on the side

10-1x1 slanted thing  (2 green,8 black)

2-wheel mudflap things

Step 5: Your Done!

It can roll all around and it is pocket sized too!

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