LEGO Team Fortress 2 Pyro's Flamethrower

Introduction: LEGO Team Fortress 2 Pyro's Flamethrower

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 As you know, the Pyro doesn't talk and has not had a "meet the..." video yet. So in honor of him, in my collection of Team Fortress 2 Weapons, I'll be showing him first. More Team Fortress guns on the way.

Step 1: Flamethrower Part 1

 Connect these 7 pieces together as shown

Step 2: Flamethrower Part 2

 Take one of those rounded "T" pieces and cut the top end off and add a cone to the end and a slightly curved piece on the back

Step 3: Flamethrower Part 3

 These parts form the handle

Step 4: Flamethrower Part 4

 Connect the barrel and the handle and put two 1x2 w/ "+" hole bricks in between

Step 5: Flamethrower Part 5

 These pieces form the gas chamber below the barrel. Put a 2x2 brick underneath the two + bricks. one the "X-Wing engine", put two flat 1x2 w' 1 stud pieces on opposite sides as shown

Step 6: Flamethrower Part 6

 This forms the other side of the barrel. You don't have to use the bionicle hand, I was just using it for reference.

Step 7: Flamethrower Part 7

 Put a medium bionicle gear into the opened end of the "x-wing" engine and put the pieces like this. the tube you see is, i think, a bionicle tube from one of the earlier sets

Step 8: Congratulations, Pyromaniac! You're Done!!!

 Now in all your Bionicle MOC videos, you can make your character burn all his enemies to hell!

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