LEVEL 1 - the Retro Game Room Project




This project aims to devote a large upstairs hallway of my house to video games, especially the retro gaming honoring all game consoles of my own modest collection

The peculiarity of the game space manifests itself by having a large mural based on the theme of the famous Pacman video game. This fresco is made with a UV sensitive paint for a nice night rendering !

Project cost: about € 470

- Magnetic Paint: 25 €

- Paint walls and ceiling: 100 €

- UV paint: 50 €

- Wood: 20 €

- Sofa: 100 €

- Neon black light: 60 €

- chrome adhesive film: 40 €

- Magnetic rubber: 40 €

- Electrical outlets: 17 €

- TV Support: 16 €

- Rest: Recycling!

Step 1: The Begining

The space was blank. Just bare plasterboard, bands performed but not all sanded, OSB plates on the floor.the first step was to put the under layer on the plasterboard

Step 2: ​Setting Up an Under Layer of Magnetic Paint on the Wall Welcoming the Pacman Fresco

Why? : To apply as easily as possible stencils to help me paint the different forms of the fresco,

I imagined using magnetic flexible rubber bands such manner that I have my hands free to paint.

The other walls are painted in light gray

After creating this dark background, I traced the different "curves" of the game in pencil (see following steps)

Step 3: Stencils Cutting

Step 4: The Blue & Yellow Life Begins

the first test with UV paint and I realized quickly that 2 layers will be required:

Step 5: Creation of Formwork for Black Lights

I used two large towers Ikea CD rack to achieve both forms (One at the top to the ceiling, and one on the ground)

To concentrate the UV rays side wall, I created a semblance of reflector with chrome adhesive

Step 6: Parquet Laying + Baseboards Milling + Vitrification at All

I shape myself baseboards directly from parquet floor boards: cutting in length, sanding router to round the upper edge

Step 7: Finishing the Wall

set up the sofa, the TV, the cache for the group ventilation, neon lights, and support shelf for consoles.

The console support shelf is composed of various elements Ikea furniture

Step 8: Night Rendering

The night Rendering is really brighter than pictures.

Nevertheless it is obvious that the center has trouble flicker, colors are less vivid. I will try in the future to add a ceiling with spotlights black lights directed towards the center.

Step 9: Another Wall of Fame !

To hang the console, I hacked many ikea LENNART furniture to retrieve the trays

The most gratifying part: Install my little video games lying around in boxes

I installed the shelves slant as the first level of the game Donkey Kong. II'll print some stickers to decorate the sides of the shelves

Step 10: Global Views



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Great! :) ...I don´t like computer games, but this "playing-room" is the greatest, I have ever seeen!


    3 years ago

    Hey boooon, good looking wall. You may want to look at mounting black light led strips behind the tv to get UV cover rage in the center. It could be a very simple setup.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    You're right ! do you know where I can find it ?