LEVITATE Without Any Witchcraft and Like the Pros




Introduction: LEVITATE Without Any Witchcraft and Like the Pros

It’s really easy and really cool and its the way that most magiciens use ecept for the pors that can do it like 5 feet in the air. but if want to really stun your victims or audience then do NOT tell them how its done or do it when they ask you to do it (because then they will be ready for it and be looking for a trick)

Step 1: Getting Ready

Now before we start i would like to tell you how to tell your audience how you levitate...
tell them that it took you a loooooooong time to master the ancient art of levitation, then say that you must concentrate very hard and fully believe that you can defy the laws of gravity (that is the "hardest" part of it), then say that you do a slow natural "jump" and stretch your entire body up to lift you body off the ground. Since most people can not levitate tell them that it is almost impossible to levitate any higher then a few inches. it is "very hard" to ace a landing which means that even if your only a few millimeters off then you will stumble and most likely tackle the nearest person or break a priceless vase(if you have any). And that is what you MUST tell them or else I will personally smack you on the back of the head.


but befor you levitate do not tell them what you are about to attempt does not work all the time but you must tell them to back up (or else they will see what you are doing.

Step 2: Levitating

all you have to do is face your audience with a 45degre angle so that they can see everything EXCEPT the front of the "trick" foot. then lift you self up in the air with your trick foot so that it looks lick you are indeed levitating (it helps if you make it look hard and make grunting sounds and skwinch your face)

Step 3: Levitating Pt. 2

here is an different angle of the magic trick.

if you want this trick to work then you MUST practice in front of a mirror many times so that you get used to not going to high up(if you go to high then they will see your trick foot)

Step 4: Another Way

you may also do it with a 45degre angle FACING the audience and lifting with one of your heels.
but the effect is not as good due to the fact that they can see that your trick foot is angles upwards(so just do it for a short period of time)



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    Will this work?

    Will this work?

    can you put the video of this trick.
    b'coz I'm unable to understand by photographs..

    really cool but i already know it.....those people that do it really high actually are using another way...this is the balducci levitation. the pros use the elevator or others usually but most they require special equipment...i tried to find the elevator but you had to bye a string that retracts a piece of PVC pipe for 1oo DOLLARS!!! thats why i do this one.

    I was pretty surprised how easily people are fooled by this. All you have to do is randomly bring it up in a conversation to those who have never seen it before.

    I might ask for a video. It is a difficult trick to understand without seeing. I liked the instructable as is though. Good job.

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    its very simple when you have your two feet make sure the audience cannot see the front of one foot, then, with the front of the foot the audience cannot see, you lift yourself up, balancing on the toes of the foot.

    what if your audience gets down on the floor and looks under you?!?

    But you don't face your audience!!! Lets take facing your audience as being at 0 degrees if you only turned 45 degrees they could still see both of the fronts of your shoes. If you face away from your audience and then turn 45 degrees then you're in the ight position. Step 1 shows you facing away from the audience (less 45 degrees) in the perfect position to do the trick.

    did u read eragon or watch the movie if u saw movie first shame on u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i have seen this in a magic trick book, and it does seem like a good one...but your whole instructable is kind of hard to under stand... lick? for like? or 45degre? for 45 degree? oh well, all in all, really interesting

    there is a much better levitation called the kings cross i think its a modified version of this which is the balducci or something google it