LG-Spirit Phone Case

Hello all, this is an instructable where i will be 3D printing a case for my LG-Spirit

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Step 1: 3D Modeling

For designing my phone case I used auto inventor. I measured the phone's dimension, and this is a simple model I created.

Step 2: Finishing Your Design and Exporting It

After finishing my 3D sketch I then opened makerware. Makerbot is the 3D printer I used, in order to make a file readable for the makerbot one has to import their inventor file to makerware, then follow makerware process. Hit Create

Step 3: 3D Printing

Warm up the makerbot, and hit Make

Step 4: Last Steps

After Printing out the case, and also my first 3D print, make sure to analyze the print. I learn much from my first experience, supports are something you don't want. It is a pain to get them off. Hopefully I motivate you to create your own 3D inventions.

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