LIGHT Project 1: Bluetooth Compatible Kaleidoscope Projector Exploration

Introduction: LIGHT Project 1: Bluetooth Compatible Kaleidoscope Projector Exploration

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So this is going to be a series and then possibly be compiled into a set of really fun projects, hacks, creations and inventions all based on, yes, you guessed it.... LIGHT!!!!

Programmable or Bluetooth Compatible Light Paintings you can control with your smart phone!!!

So much fun.
So let's get started!

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Step 1: Project 1: Fun With an LED Kaleidescope Projector

So, we have all kinds of options when it comes to this bare bones LED bluetooth compatible kaleidoscope projector.


1. LED Kaleidescope Projector.
60.00 at Home Depot or find one Online.

2. Smart Phone

3. Lightapps App

(optional camera tripod & tripod camera clip)

Materials to project light onto... which is just about everything!!

Half the fun of this project is experimenting with Light, Leds, different sequences and patterns.

Public Art or Light Installations

Light Paintings that can be mutable, everchanging and controlled via your phone using the Light Apps app.

Light up your house, backyard, ice carvings or igloo!

Step 2: Set Up AppLights App, Pair Smartphone With Kaleidescope Projector... Easy As 1 2 3 !!!

This is a really easy and gratifying Light Project.

Step 1: Plug in your AppLights Kaleidescope Projection Spot Light

Step 2: Go to, Apple Store or Google Play and download the free app.

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth on Phone abd wait for it to pair with the Kaleidescope Projector.

Go Forth and Illuminate!

Step 4: You can find or create different materials to play and project light onto... opaque materials, marble, vellum, ice, lucite, sanded or sandblasted plastics, polyurethane or even textiles are all options.

Also there are fun ways to create patterns, vinyl stencils and other ways to manipulate the light projections. Lenses and cloth installations can create some really cool results.

Step 3: Enjoy and Illuminate Everything!!!

From here you can run through the different preprogrammed options and phases.

If you are savvy with Arduino and light programs for leds and servos you can always reuse light walls, stencils or installations for even more options in subtlety, light sequences etc.

Create light boxes, illuminate the home or hearth with holiday cheer!

Or light up that Igloo or Ice Carving.
Backlight beautiful marble or alabaster. Have a glowing fashion show or Disco party...

It's all up to you... just be sure to ENJOY!!!

Light and Love
Ever Onwards

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