(UPDATE) LKSS a Knex Slingshot Sniper

Introduction: (UPDATE) LKSS a Knex Slingshot Sniper

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been active recently, I've been building but I haven't been happy with much I build lately but oh well. So this is my new LKSS, it's a pretty lame name but it stands for Lucas's Knex Slingshot Sniper. So I was thinking about slingshots and it hit me. On a normal slingshot the rubber bands are loosing tension the farther down the barrel it gets meaning the bullet gets ahead of the band which means loss of power. With mine the rubber band is at constant tension but is still relatively easy to pull do to the pulleys. It's not anything innovative but I wanted to try it out and sure enough, it is twice as powerful.

200 foot range with finnammo
90-100 feet with a yellow rod connected to a red connector
Goes through a card board box with ease
Weird but cool looks IMO
Nice scope
Folding bipod
37 inches long
Cheek rest
No broken parts

So tell me guys what you think in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

Step 1:

DONT Shoot this indoors. It is dangerous!



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    Wow, very powerful and good looking gun! I like it!

    That looks powerfull.
    Should'nt aim in the wrong direction or you'll be like that wall.

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    It is Very powerful. How did everyone find out about the wall? I told BM about it, then somehow it spread like wild fire. Or did I write it in the ible itself.....

    looks great, and if it shoots that far, I am impressed.

    It's good to see somebodies building, it has been a little quite recently, even from you!

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    Thank ye kindly! It seems like I've just ran out of motivation lately. For me to build a good gun I have to be exited to build it. Now I'll start a gun and it'll look like crap. I'm kinda in the mood to build a bullpup but I can't find a replica I like. Any suggestions?

    I know exactly what you mean about building and you're put off when it looks bad, I haven't seemed to be able to create anything I am proud to call mine.

    As for bullpups, famas, a-91, AUG, Barrett m90/m95, FN F2000, P90(sort of,) tar 21, kh 2002, L85/86, tkb 022.

    Wow I guess call of duty was useful...

    for you guys your info
    lucas here told me yesterday that he had to break down this gun due to a slight incident hehe...

    Great gun! only just read what you commented in my first instructable yesterday. Thank you!

    Very cool gun. I have done a lot of research and testing on slingshots. With that being said the pulley systems ive worked on mostly on my SRv3 were less powerful than the simple tied ones. Technically tapered flat bands of latex or therabands are better than surgical tubing or rubber bands. Long story short from what ive seen tested and read the pulley system is not as good as a straight tie band set. I could go on and on from my days and days of research and development but i am yet to discover the secret to more velocity range and power of just a standard slingshot design. Speaking of which i just shot my SRv3 for my cousins 2 days ago and it hit 558.4ft! My furthest shot yet thanks to a hot day and slight breeze. It is true that the pulley idea will keep the bands tense and stretched further but it does not in my experience gain power distance or velocity. I built the v1, 2 and 3 and spent hundreds of hours researching the ideas. Im currently stuck with my current distance and plan on trying out flat bands for added velocity and range.