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Hello! I am back with some improvements to my recently posted gun, Linkin's Lightning Carbine! I realized there was a lot to be improved in the gun, especially the stock. Before, the gun shot very inconsistently. With a couple of internal modifications I managed to fix this. Here is a list of my improvements:

  • The stock is smaller, and a nicer shape.
  • The barrel after the magazine is 3 layers wide, so the bullet has less friction.
  • The barrel extends slightly out of the gun. This is mainly aesthetic however it slightly increases the accuracy.
  • The top attachment rail is 2 parallel rails, not one center rail.
  • There is a mag lock that hardly works, but it pushes the magazine out instead of locking it, so it is more of a fast way to release the magazine.

The stats are roughly the same, maybe the range has increased a lot but everything else is the same. I included The Red Book Of Westmarch's grip (slightly modified) and red dot sight on the gun. Here is a link to the instructions for those attachments.

Step 1: A Closer View

Here are some closer up pictures of the gun.

Step 2: Layered Pictures

I did make layered instructions, however my laptop decided it was a great idea to crash! So, instead I will show you the layers here. If you desperately want to build the gun, it really wouldn't be hard to copy from these pictures. Sorry! All broken pieces are mandatory, however I suspect the broken rod used in the trigger mechanism could be a full rod, and the next layer could easily be modified. Anyway, good luck building it!



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    Thanks :) Btw where have you been? And have you got any plans for k'nex soon? Sorry for all the Q's xD. Also, what about knexflux, itd be nice to see you on there.


    Reply 2 years ago

    I might be able to make this in my birthday. I'm buying knex on my birthday so hopefully.

    I still have stuff from Elysium that I want to post, so that should be next. I don't know when though. I actually started knexflux together with sorunome, but i didn't do any knex ever since. Once I continue with the stuff from Elysium, I'll become more active there.


    3 years ago

    Nice to see the community still alive and kicking. Great gun!

    1 reply