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After watching the LMFAO party rock anthem video on Youtube, I decided to be that random shufflebot in the clip. If you're looking for an awesome but simple and easy costume for Halloween, you have come to the right place!


Step 1: Helmet and Box

To keep your head still and securely inside the box while your shuffling, you need a helmet. I have a small old yellow skateboard helmet my sister gave me. Don't worry if you have a ugly helmet and look like a retard like I am since the helmet goes in the box Make sure the helmet stays attached in the box securely. My helmet fits almost perfectly inside the box, so I just used some glue to put them together.

I have a box that used to hold paper rolls. You need a box that is a bit bigger than your head so that your nose is not squished against the cardboard while doing the Charleston. My box is about 38*32*40cm.

Since the LMFAO robot head is gold, we must also paint it gold. I found gold acrylic paint at the local dollar store. If you can't find any dollar store paint (by the way which is great) your hardware store should sell gold spray paint. I haven't tried gold spray paint before, so use it with your own discretion.

Step 2: Cutting Eyeholes and a Mouth

Choose one side of the box and cut two large circles out and a rectangular mouth. We are using the mouth as a place to look out through. I used a CD to trace out the eyes and the mouth is about 10*30 cm wide. You will have to stick your helmet and head in to see where to put the mouth needs to go.

Next, you need dark film (car window tinting film works well) so that from the outside, the eyes and mouth look black. I didn't put any film on the mouth so that I can see better when it's dark, so it's optional. A gluestick to attach the plastic to the cardboard should suffice.

By the way, each side of the robot head has something sticking out. I made those by sticking plastic bottlecaps together and painting them gold. Then I glued and stapled them to the cardboard.

Step 3: Eye Lights

The eyes of the LMFAO robot light up, so I made two light strips with 6 red LEDs each (bought from Ebay for under $3) by soldering the LED leads together on a board.

To make a simple light strip, you need two thin wood boards with two rows of six small holes to put the LED leads through. Then put the positive end on one row. I made a mistake of not doing that and had to rewire the board twice. Basically, it is 6 LEDs wired in parallel. You also need wires on the circuit

Each light strip is about 3-4.5 volts, and you can wire a strobe circuit or something to make it flash. By the way, the real LMFAO robot head's lights flash out of sync and probably at different speeds. A search on LED circuits will probably come up with something useful.

Once you finish wiring the lights, you need to attach it to the cardboard so that it's visible through the eye holes, so we glue it!

Step 4: Shuffling!

Every shufflebot isn't a shufflebot if they can't shuffle. Thankfully, "shuffling" or the "Melbourne shuffle" is a really easy style of dance.

The basic steps to the "Running Man"

1) Place one foot in front of the other, as if you're walking.
2) Raise one knee in about a 70-90 degree angle.
3) Place the knee down while sliding the other foot behind the other.
4) Repeat in rapid succession.

For learning the shuffle and other moves, YouTube will be your friend!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool instructions! I made mine using similar step-by-steps.

    Keep on Party Rocking!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Let's see ur robot heads when your done peoples!
    Post pics!


    7 years ago on Step 4

    I love it! Imagonnadoit too. Nice job.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks to my step-dad from Wisconsin, I was able to use the cheese-head he gave me as cushion for the inside! Score! It fits great.. no gluing or anything!

    cool. i did something almost similar, but more accurate. i used a normal file box, cut out the bottom, used the excess parts to cover the hole, cut out the eyes and mouth, painted it gold, added three layers of thin black screening (the ones used as window covers in cars) to the holes, put in foam, stuck in 2 pre-made led lights (blue, red and green are the flashing colors), and became a mascot for our basketball games. that wasn't so hard... :)

    2 replies

    7 years ago on Introduction

    finally someone has done this. thanks dude. I will post it when i am done thanks again!!!