LOCKED-BOX: Arduino + Keypad 3x4 + Servo




Hello fellow Arduino's, This is a new Instructable using the 3x4 keypad linked to a Servo, which is controlled by a password. And is also connected with 2 Leds, one Red and one Green, for Open and Close.

I will only include how You make the Technical parts(Arduino). The making of the box is excluded (just be creative making a box).
Here You can find the wiring and Codes.

Make sure You have a Password and Keypad in Your library. You can download them here::


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Step 1: You Will Need These Items

1x Arduino
1x Servo-motor
1x Keypad 3x4
1x Red Led
1x Green Led
1x Breadboard
5x 910 OHM resistors

USB cable, Jumper Cables.

Step 2: Preparing the Keypad 3x4, Servo and Leds

Solder the Keypad 3x4; Make sure you Solder Your Keypad correctly.
And wire accordingly; see image !

Step 3: Programming

Download the Code, copy and paste it, and Enjoy !

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    can you explain why you used resistors on the keypad pins 2,3,4 and not on the others?


    2 years ago

    hi.how can I use an electric/magnetic lock with this