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My name is Kirin and I have put together this instructable to show you how to look awesome without makeup. If you have read any of my other instructables, you may have picked up that I am EXTREMELY opposed to and against makeup. This instructable is really only for girls... So, when reading this, you must remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says or does. This is just a guide.

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Are you a tomboy?? Are you emo?? Is your style cute and innocent? You need to identify your style. If you are unsure, check out your wardrobe to see what your taste is suited for. The styles mentioned in this instructable Are just the common ones. You might even have a style that can not be named or defined. This is great! If this does apply to you, then just run with your ideas.


So now that you have identified your style, you need the clothes. If your style is emo, get anything studded or dark colored. I recommend a black leather jacket. If your style is tomboy, try to avoid clothing with black and pink together. Go for blue, red, dark green, or orange. I recommend a flat cap or vans shoes. I am a tomboy with a sporty twist, so I pair my dark green vans with a dark blue sport jacket. If your style is sweet or cute, go for pinks and yellows and oranges. I recommend ballet flat shoes, and anything else bright and noticeable. Etc....

Step 3: HAIR

There are so many ways to style and cut your hair. My hair is short, I have a "pixie cut" to match my style. Almost every girl I have ever seen has long hair, and this has become a stereotype. So sometimes it is nice to try something different. Always go with a cut that suits your face shape. Try to avoid dying your hair!! My hair is naturally dark brown with a few blonde highlights here and there, and I once tried to dye all of my hair pure blonde. TRUST ME, IT DID NOT LOOK GOOD!!! Your natural colour is the colour you were born with, the colour your hair was meant to be.

Step 4: EYES

For this part you will need to read my instructable "how to enhance eyes without using makeup". If you follow the instructions in there you will have beautiful eyes. AND THAT'S IT! Thx for reading! PLZ PLZ PLZ LEAVE COMMENTS!!

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    5 years ago

    I love this tutorial, although I don't necessarily believe that girls absolutely shouldn't wear makeup. I think there is a place for it, but I do think that most people overdo it and end up trying to hide behind it. I definitely respect people who feel comfortable enough in their own skin that they do not feel that they have to change it. Thanks for encouraging girls to be themselves!:)


    6 years ago

    I keep reading this over and over! So nice!


    6 years ago

    I felt bad that no one was writing comments so I did! This is very uplifting to people who are insecure about themselves. I say u did a good job!