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Hello my precious!

Today we'll make a big version of the One Ring from Lord of the Rings that you can use as room decor or wear as a bracelet.

It's very cheap to make as well as the main material is a plastic bottle. If you are a LOTR fan or you need a gift for one - give this a try :)

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need a clear bottle with some smooth areas to work with. You can technically use any size, but for a bracelet you'll need a big one (I used a 1,5 litre bottle)

A tip to remove any glue from labels: Tap a piece of tape on the glue a few times and it will pick it up!

You'll also need a flat and hot surface like an iron, induction stove, or just a hot pan (use baking paper to protect the surface)

*other materials: see pictures*

Step 2: Cut Out a Ring

First cut a ring out of your bottle.

I recommend to use tape as a guideline for a more even ring.

Poke your bottle with the tip of your scissors or a craft knife and cut along your guideline.

Step 3: Use the Fires of Mount Doom

Now it's time to forge the ring in fire!

Whether you use the fires of Mount Doom, an iron, an induction stove or a hot pan, I recommend to turn the heat up high first and then turn it to a low setting to get a medium to low temperature.

I find that if the temperature is too hot, it's harder to control the shape of the ring.

Place the plastic on your hot surface and apply a little pressure if necessary.

The ring might turn out weird sometimes, so you might need more than one try like me.

Step 4: Paint It Gold

Next, paint the ring from the inside with golden acrylic paint.

That way you will have a really smooth looking ring.

Step 5: Write the Language of Mordor

For the inscription, I mixed black and golden acrylic paint with some water to make it smooth, but not too watery.

Then I used a toothpick to draw on guidelines and the inscription itself. It doesn't have to be perfect, we will deal with that in the next step.

Step 6: Scratch Away Happy Little Accidents

When the inscription has dried, you can scratch it with a toothpick or a needle for more detailed work.

I used this method to make the letters more uniform. This step makes a huge difference!

Step 7: Protect the Inscription

Especially if you're gonna wear the "ring", you'll need to protect the inscription from further scratching.

You can use a seal like a clear spray or use an alternative: Brush on a mix of any white glue and water. It looks smooth and protects your work, but it might not last as long as a proper seal.

Step 8: Display or Wear Your Precious!

And that's it! Now show off your creation by displaying or wearing it :)

Hope you enjoy this craft!

And keep your ring secret and safe.

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    9 days ago

    This looks so simple that even I might be able to do it! Thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    15 days ago

    Please don't attempt this instructable without a fume cupboard! Melting plastic is a danger to your health!!

    1 reply

    Reply 14 days ago

    I think it's a good idea to do this in a ventilated area, but other than that I personally don't think it's a huge health risk. But everyone has to decide for themselves.


    15 days ago

    Melting plastic! What an outrage this is no longer the 20th century! The chimacls released from performing this can result in drastic effects to the lungs. An example of its destruction would be lung cancer

    1 reply

    20 days ago

    Great work! I loved it, might make it for one of my friends.

    1 reply

    Reply 20 days ago

    Thanks a lot! Cool, hope you enjoy it if you make it :)


    Reply 20 days ago

    I'm gonna see if I have gold paint to I can do this soon :o


    Reply 20 days ago

    Thanks so much!! :D Aw I hope you find some ;D


    20 days ago on Step 8

    This is totally AWESOME! I'm definitely making one of these! Great indestructible.

    1 reply