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I have been updating so many things in my new house and one thing was to update my upstairs bathroom. I wanted to really open it up so I painted it white and plan on decorating it "Country Chic" with black and white art. 
I found this old picture frame in all my stuff. Its the kind you put multiple pictures in with a mat background. I never really used it so I took the mat out, simple reused the sheet of glossy paper with the "fake" people that comes in the frame. I turned it over to the white side. Earlier in the week on a trip to my local barn thrift store I found a box of random sign board letters. Just black plastic letters that I though could be cool for something! Turns out they were! I used Krylon adhesive spray to the glossy paper to attach it to the backing of the frame then used the same spray on the back of the well "windex'd" cleaned letter. I put it back in the frame and WHA-LA ! A bathroom filled with LOVE:))

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