Introduction: LOVE SHACK

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Love Birds....Love Nest.....Ceramic Birdhouse, easy to make for your Valentine

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Step 1: Supplies

Step 2:

rolling pin
Cutting tool
6"X13" template
6"X7" oval template
glaze brushes
thin wire
glue stick
 *access to a kiln

Step 3:

Roll clay large enough to fit ^'X13" template

Step 4:

cut the clay

Step 5:

Using the hollow end of a glue stick make a hole as close to the center of the clay slab as possible. 

Step 6:

Roll the slab into a cylinder shape. 

Step 7:

roll another slab of clay slightly larger than the cylinder. Place cylinder on clay and cut around bottom edge leaving about 1/8 inch of excess clay.

Step 8:

Reach inside cylinder and gently press against the bottom edge at the same time push the clay up and against the outside of the bottom edge. Use your fingers on the inside so the pressure doesnt make the cylinder collapse. 

Step 9:

Step 10:

Squeeze the top of the cylinder closed making sure the hole is in the front

Step 11:

Roll more clay for the roof

Step 12:

Place the oval template on the slab and cut

Step 13:

Place the clay on top of the cylinder

Step 14:

gently squeeze the clay across the top of the roof

Step 15:

using the pencil poke holes along the roof top These will later be used to hand the love shack.

Step 16:

when dry fire to bisque

Step 17:

use underglazes to paint the decorations on your love shack. 

Step 18:


Step 19:

Be sure the glaze does not clog the holes in roof

Step 20:

fire the birdhouse again and then put the wire into the holes on the roof so you can hang it. 

Step 21:

Present your Valentine with a hand made LOVE SHACK

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    7 years ago on Step 21

    Very nice xD If only I had access to a kiln... I loved working with clay in school and would love to make something like this :)

    Susan Cirigliano
    Susan Cirigliano

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 21

    Thanks, I know I am very lucky to have access to a really nice skutt.