LPC2148 Interfacing PCF8574A I2C LCD Converter

Introduction: LPC2148 Interfacing PCF8574A I2C LCD Converter

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This is sample tutorial to show how to interface I2C LCD converter PCF8574A to LPC2148 using porteus and I2C protocol.In any embedded project LCD display is commonly used as output device. This project can be easily replicated on bread board.This project shows how we can eliminate the parallel communication and do a serial transfer of data to LCD modules.In todays market I2cLCD converter modules are available which uses this chip.(PCF8574A).With just two wires one can commuunicate with LCD modules.The program sets the LCD module in 4bit mode.We do this because we need to send control signal along with one nibblle of our data.The other four bits are used to send control signal for RS RW E of LCD module.so if we want to send 0x23 data to LCD then send 0x12 followed by 0x03.


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