LTK Pillow

This set of photos shows my LTK Pillow (LTK stands for Learn To Knit). I developed the pattern for this pillow as an instruction tool for my beginners Learn To Knit class.

For this class, I wanted a simple project that was more interesting than a garter stitch scarf. I decided to focus on the very basic skills of casting on, the knit and purl stitches, and binding off. In addition, I wanted to teach my students how to recognize a knit versus a purl stitch on their work, and to be able to switch between knitting and purling in the middle of a row. Finally, I wanted to give my students a sample of garter, stockinette and reverse stockinette stitches. The result was this pillow project!

Note that my students always have the option of using this "sampler" for something other than a pillow. If a pillow is the goal, my students produce two pieces to sew together and stuff.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    your pillow project seems to be ideal for someone beginning to knit. i think one of the reasons it is ideal is because it utilizes multiple techniques in a simple manner, which would most likely allow a relative novice to gain confidence with the types of stitches used. great job!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Amazing job! The designs are great, it looks like a lot of work, you must have put a lot of work into this.