LUMI Event - AssentWorks Lori

Our event on a cloudy day

Step 1: Tea Towel

Making an image of a cat on a white cotton tea towel

Step 2: Painting With Inkodye


Step 3: Lighting

Unfortunately no natural sunlight. Used artificial lighting for a long time. About 1 hour 15 min

Step 4: Negative

Added the cat negative. Used a laser printer with a transparency.

Step 5: Removed Negative

After about 1 hour 15 min

Step 6: Washing

Washed with your concentrated detergent

Step 7: Final Tea Towel

Here is how it looked. Hmm...not too good.



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    It looks like you definitely need more UV light exposure. Next time, if there's still no sunlight, try UV lamps, or even a black light. A cloudy day is also more effective on Inkodye than most regular lamps. I hope your next prints turn out darker! :)