D4E1: Label-help (Etikettenplakhulp2018)


A cooperation between students Industrial product design and students Occupational therapy resulted in this "Labelhelp" project. We made a tool to help Bernard sticking labels on jam jars and sirup bottles. Both sizes need slightly different tools.

Bernard was born with the Fragile-X-syndrome and is currently working at "het Ganzenhof". He suffers from myopia, reduced depth of view, motorical problems and difficulties with distinguishing colors.

This instructable explaines how 2 kinds of label-helps are made. The lasercut files for the small jam jar and the longer bottle are included.

1. Jam jar

2. Long bottle


- lasercutter machine

- measuring tool


- MDF (3mm)

- Wood glue/instant glue

- Spraypaint (color "vivid red") or red tape

Step 1: Measure the Bottles

Step 2: Compose a Casing in CAD/Illustrator

Use the measurements from the bottle to compose a casing in CAD or Illustrator for lasercutting. The casing is composed as a puzzle. It consists of different components that can be put together after the lasercutting process is done.

The picture shows a 3D model from model 2. (long bottle).

Step 3: Lasercut the Casing

The files we used for a small jar and a long bottle are linked below.

Lasercut material: MDF (3mm)

Step 4: Apply a Contrasting Color

In the pictures above you see what components have to be in a contrasting color. You can use red spraypaint or red tape to make it clear.

Step 5: Glue the Components Together

Glue the components together using wood glue or any other permanent glue. Make sure every piece is fitted well together.

Some foam can be added to model 2. (Jam jar) for extra firmness.

The pictures shows model 2. (Jam jar) before it was glued.

Step 6: Ready for Use



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    3 Discussions


    8 months ago

    Excellent job! I work for a non-profit company in California, USA, that employees people with disabilities and we use our laser cutter to make all sorts of similar jigs and tools like this. Great to see this posted for others to see.

    Waldemar Sha

    Tip 8 months ago

    I would add a hinged door on front with nothes for placing the lable on the inside (glued side in, towards the bottle). You position the lable on the door, then slap the door close to glue the lable.

    Kink Jarfold

    8 months ago on Step 6

    I'm a big fan of jigs to simplify a job. You did nicely on this labeling one.

    All the marbles.png