Lace Cabinets

Introduction: Lace Cabinets

This project took about 30 minutes and I used about 2 yards of lace from Joann Fabrics to cover 4 kitchen cabinets. I wanted to put glass in the cabinet doors, but haven't had time to custom order the glass yet.....So........

1. Removed the doors from the cabinets.

2. Next, I took out the panels in the middle of the doors.

3. I thought the Lace fabric was expensive so to make sure I had the exact measurement  I laid the lace over the doors and cut it to fit.  (Yes, you can use a tape measurement and do the same thing :)

4. Using a staple gun I stapled from the top around the sides and down. (Make sure you hold the lace taunt so you can get a wrinkle free finish.)

5. After I stapled all 4 doors I hung the doors back on the cabinet's. 

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    Tex Arcana
    Tex Arcana

    6 years ago

    this is a very neat idea!