Lace Doily Bag




I used spray paint and doilies to color and decorate the fabric used to make this tote bag.

Step 1: Cutting Fabric for Bag

I use a cotton drapery lining fabric for my base fabric.  It is very good quality fabric with an even, dense weave.  I design my own bags and make patterns for my designs.  This is a simple tote with a separate band around the top for the magnetic closure and a drawstring handle.  It will be fully lined with two interior pockets.  The interior pocket piece is 8"x26".

Step 2: Make Bag Lining

I draw the bag pattern on the interfacing and then iron it to the wrong side of the lining fabric.  Then I cut out the lining piece.  I interface the lining and the bag fabric for extra stability and strength.

Step 3: Spray Paint Bag

Next I spray painted the exterior bag fabric.   I started with a base color.  Here I used dark pink for the bag and light pink for the band.  I have a large paper doily collection, accumulated over the years.  This rectangular doily was the perfect size for this bag.  I laid the full doily on the bag, used a rolled piece of blue painters tape to hold it in place and sprayed it with shell white paint.  I cut another doily in half and used each half on the band as shown.  This I sprayed with the dark pink.

Step 4: Pinning and Sewing

Pin the pieces together and sew the seams.  Press the seam on the pocket piece open and re-fold the piece as shown.  Stitch both long sides, right sides together and leave an opening for turning.  Turn pocket piece right side out, press and top stitch each short edge.  These are the pocket tops.  Place wrong side of pocket, the side with the seam on right side of lining fabric and center it as shown.  Then stitch the long sides to the lining fabric.

Step 5: Sew Lining

Pin the bag lining and sew the sides.  Press all seams on bag, band and lining open.

Step 6: Join Bag and Lining

Put bag in lining, wrong sides together.  Line up seams.  Line up raw edges of bottom and side edges and sew across as shown.  Do this on both side of bag.  I used a decorative stitch to finish the raw edge.

Step 7: Attach Band

With right sides together and side seam and center front and back markings matched stitch band to top of bag and lining.  Make sure the spray paint design will show on the exterior of the bag.  Press seam toward band.  Press under 1/4" on long  raw edge of band.  Attach magnetic closure to band using product instructions.  Make sure you position it so it will not interfere with the sewing machine foot when you stitch the band down.  Fold the band to the inside and stitch to the bag.  Make button holes for the drawstring cord.

Step 8: Make Drawstring Cord

Determine the length of cord you want.  I decided on about 60" for this bag.  I cut 2" wide bias strips of the white fabric and seamed them together to create the length cord I want.  Press the seams open and fold lengthwise with right sides together.  Stitch seam, leaving a couple inches not sewn at each end.  Turn cord right side out using a safety pin pinned to one unstitched end and pulling it through the cord.  Then I laid it in my spray painting box and sprayed it randomly with the three colors I used on the bag.  It will need to be turned a few times to get all surfaces painted.  Thread cord through the buttonholes.  I put split rings on the cord as I threaded it through the buttonholes because I like places to hang things on my bags.  One split ring is on the outside of the bag and one is on the inside.  I matched up the unfinished ends of the cords and stitched them together.  Then I hand stitched the cord closed.

Step 9: Finished Bag

Here is the finished bag, and some painted doilies that I can use in another project.  Have fun creating one in your own style.



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    I agree. I buy the fabric in quantity from JoAnn Fabrics when they have a 50% off sale! Also, secure the doily or the spray will blow it away. Yes, experience speaking. Deb

    I was going to enter a project where I spray-painted ugly grey concrete edging bricks to look like sandstone with ammonites (a common fossil in our area). Unfortuantely the rough texture of the bricks obscured the detail of the stencils and they ended up looking like a flock of birds had decorated them. So... they got re-painted all brown and no instructable. The flowerbed still looks good.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Since spray paint is oil based I think it seals the fabric very well. I would probably try wiping with a damp sponge before putting in a wash machine. The paint will not wash off, but the crispness of the bag will be diminished. Hand washing could be a good option. If you make a bag I would love to see pictures! Deb