"Lace Wedding Fan"

Introduction: "Lace Wedding Fan"

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Step 1: "Lace Wedding Fan"

This is the picture of going
of going out of the box. Floral
Boquets dry and wither or 
end up in the cicular file. This
"Lace Wedding Fan "  is a
great alternative.

Step 2: Products Needed

These are the things you
will need to do this project:
4 yards of Satin Ribbon
numerous amounts of
Crystal Beads
Natural leaf piece
Old Lace(To go aroud
to curve and lower curve)
1 piece of jewelry
1 Fan

Step 3: Tie Ribbons

Step 4: Placing on the Crystal Beads

Take all the ribbon(That you have cut
the size a little longer) and tie them all on.

Step 5: Finish Tie All Beads On.

Step 6: Open Fan

Open the fan and pin or tape down
so it stays in place

Step 7: Placing Satin Ribbon and Bead

Place the satin ribbon as seen
until all are on....some fins of the fan will not have some.

Step 8: Connecting the Ribbons

Bring all the ribons to the left
of the hook and secure with
a ribbon tied in the back.

Step 9: Shortening the Ribbons

This part of the project is a
personal choice decision.
When you hold up the fan
it will be then that you decide
if you want to shorten them
or not.  I chose to cut some off
and replace the beads. I liked
mine a little shorter.

Step 10: Lace Added

I did this at the end because
it was fragile. I put it in starch
water first...let it dry...ironed it
for one of the final steps.

Step 11:

The lace is glued from the back on the top.
The smaller 1/2 circle is glue on the front.
I attached beads & fall leaves.(It would be
for a fall wedding.)

Step 12: "Lace Wedding Fan" (Spring/Summer)

To change up the fan...... remove the beads and leaves.
I replaced a nice pin and some green foilage from your area

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    8 years ago on Step 12

    Really cool decoration!


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 12

    Thanks for visiting to see what I made.
    I would like to win....Thanks