Lace and Button Earrings




Intro: Lace and Button Earrings

These dramatic earrings are oh-so-light with lacey dark filigree and vintage smoked mother-of-pearl buttons.

- 2 gunmetal filigree dapped squares
- 1 pair gunmetal filigree leverback ear wires
- 12 gunmetal jump rings, 9 mm
- 8 gunmetal jump rings, 7 mm
- 2 gunmetal jump rings, 5 mm
- 16 vintage mother-of-pearl buttons

- Chain nose pliers

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Connect Buttons

Using your chain nose pliers gently open a 9 mm jump ring. Connect two buttons with the jump ring and close securely. Repeat to create a total of 4 2-button sections and 2 3-button sections.

Step 2: Add Button Links to Filigree

Using your chain nose pliers open a 7 mm jump ring and use it to attach a 3-button section to the point of one of the filigree pieces. Attach a 2-button section to each adjacent point of the filigree. Make sure your jump rings are closed securely.

Step 3: Add Button to Top of Filigree

Using your chain nose pliers open a 7 mm jump ring and use it to attach a single button to the remaining point of the filigree. Thread a 9 mm jump ring through the adjacent holes in the button.

Step 4: Add Leverback

Using your chain nose pliers open a 5 mm jump ring and thread it through the ring on a leverback ear wire and then through each of the 9 mm jump rings on the button as shown. Close securely. Repeat to make the remaining earring.



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